Euro Proback 2X padding 1″ Mattress

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From: 6,480.00 From: 5,184.00

The Pro-back series is designed to provide extra firm support to the spine. This mattress is ideal for people suffering from mild or chronic back pain. Constructed using high-density PE foam, 12mm foam layers on either side, and high-quality knitted fabric material, this mattress is ideal for those who like to sleep on semi-hard surfaces.

Available in 4”, 5”, 6”, and 8” thicknesses and in any size.

Custom sizes and thicknesses are also available on request.

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This mattress is made using PE hard foam. Polyester quilted knitted fabric. Lightweight 12mm foam internal foam padding on either side.


78×72, 78×66, 78×60, 78×48, 78×42, 78×39, 78×36, 72×72, 72×66, 72×60, 72×48, 72×42, 72×39, 72×36, 72×30


8", 6", 5", 4"


Extra Firm


Any Weight


7 years
14 day's money-back guarantee
One-year free replacement
Free repair for warranty period