Established in 2011 Euro Mattress has grown into substantially one of the largest sleep solution manufacturing companies in Pakistan. With the capacity of make over 5000 mattress per month Euro Mattress is using the largest technology to provide our nation a more comfortable sleep. Based on the fundamental values of honesty, integrity, and a rigid after sales service we hope to grow stronger and expand our operations throughout Pakistan and Asia


  • Manufacturing of memory foam product.
  • Manufacturing of Pillow Cushion and other Ball fiber product.
  • Manufacturing of quality Quilts.
  • Manufacturing of Customized mattress including round in both pocket and Bonnell Spring
  • We are also suppling to various NGO’s, Education sector, Government sector and Pak Army
  • We have established our name in the Hotel and tourism sector by providing Durable and economical sleep solution production.

What We Provide?

Euro Mattress Memory form products provide proper support to correct sleep in posture, allowing the back end neck muscles to relax which promotes the dehydration of invertebrate discs of the spine.

  • High-Tech temperate sensitive foam mold to your body’s heat and weight to provide the right amount of support to allow you to get the rest you need.
  • Eliminates painful pressure points.
  • Ergonomically designed to recontour and adjust with your every movement.
  • Relief of back and neck pain, also helpful in reducing snoring, stress and insomnia.