Euro Flex Pocket Spring Mattress (Life Time)

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Euro Flex is technically the most advanced and luxurious pocket spring mattress manufactured in our range.  Medically proven to be anti-allergic. Consisting of over 900 springs, pocketed in virgin Non-woven fabric,” One-year free replacement ”

12″ Deep

Constructed using the very best material made for us in Pakistan. 11.5“ (inches) of pure Flexible bliss. Suitable for all sleeping positions. Ideal for all weight ranges. Proudly being used by the former Prime minister and current President of Pakistan.


78×84, 78×78, 78×72, 78×66, 78×60, 78×48, 78×42, 78×39, 72×84




Any Weight


Life time
14 day's money back guarantee
One year free replacement
Free repair for warranty