Euro Galaxy Grand Memory Spring Mattress (Life Time)

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Features of Memory Foam

Euro Mattress memory foam products provide proper support to correct sleep in posture, allowing the back and neck muscles to relax which promotes the dehydration of the invertebrate discs of the spine.

12″ Deep

(Available in all customized sizes.)

• High-tech temperature-sensitive foam mold to your body’s heat and weight to provide the right amount of support to allow you to get the rest you need
• Eliminates painful pressure points
• Ergonomically designed to recontour and adjust with your every movement
• Relief of back and neck pain, also helpful in reducing snoring, stress, and insomnia
12″ (inches) thick & can be made in any customized size

About Mattress

This mattress is made using imported memory foam and the highest density material available in Pakistan. This constructed to suit all types of sleeping positions. One side is medium firm the other side soft and plush. It is approximately 12” thick due to various material used. Border colors and design may vary from images shown.


78×84, 78×78, 78×72, 78×66, 78×60, 78×48, 78×42, 78×39, 72×84


Soft, Firm


Any Weight


Life Time
14 day's money back guarantee
One year free replacement
Free repair for warranty period