What Makes Us Different?


Being established in 2011 didn’t stop Euro mattress from being one of the best quality mattresses in the country. Prior to stepping in to the mattress industry, Euro mattress solely believed in providing the luxury of a mattress at an affordable rate. Our business doesn’t aim to make profit in fact we prefer to provide comfort and solace to our customers since they are our biggest asset.

Manufacturing composition of varying products:

Euro quality mattresses not only tends to provide durability or an ease of sleep, its focus comprises of your solutions for insomnia, uncomfortable sleeping posture and pains in back and joints. Thus, we aren’t afraid to admit that we use the latest modern technology with effective production to ensure our customers not only buy once but come again to buy for their generations.

Euro quality mattresses not only aims to target customers but we consider them to be a part of our Euro family where we wish to strengthen our customer loyalty by every passing day. The usage of AAA grade virgin ball fiber for the special back fiber cushion pillows, gives a softer and more luxurious feeling to the user.

The use of the very best Ball fiber in the manufacturing of the Euro back fiber cushion guarantees that it will never lose its shape or bounce. High strength spun-bond fabric is used as an essential component to give it a durable shape.
The Euro comfort quilt available at an extremely reasonable price of RS. 4,900 offers a ride through the super fine micro fiber which gives it the cozy feeling. The usage of high quality polyester guarantees the durability and long lasting nature of the product.

The super affordable mattress protector available in water-proof nature and elastic border net, enables the user to protect their mattress from dirt and any kind of liquid which may harm the strength of the mattress.
Amongst the wide range of available products, the only thing that seems to be the most attractive feature is the affordable price range, which as compared to its competitors, gives Euro mattress a good leverage.

Revolutionary move:

Since our origination, bringing a revolutionary change was our basic motive. We at Euro mattress believed that there must only be 3 basic motives for our company:

  • Furnishing the best support providing products
  • Using genuine materials for our production
  • Setting our price range at a level which is cost effective for not only us but is reasonable for our customers.

We believe that people who suffer from back pains often face difficulty in finding the right kind of mattress and for this to efficiently take place it is important to provide the user with the best product which aligns with their needs. The pillows also play a significant role in deciding your sleeping posture and for this to happen, Euro quality mattresses made sure that they provide the most comfortable pillow for your head to rest on.


Euro-mattress believes in not only providing suitable products but to also aware their customers of using their products with care, in order to increase their life span. Along with our mattresses, we ensure that we provide Mattress protector at an affordable price of RS. 24, 00 and a quilted one at a rock-bottom price of RS. 33, 00.
The mattress protector is a necessity during the current times. It protects your mattress from not only dust but it acts as a shield against all liquids that might destroy your mattress. Just imagine, how peaceful your life will be even if you find your toddler sitting on the bed and having their favorite drink, your mattress protector is all rounds to protect your bed!

Along with sizes, Euro mattress enables their customer to choose the size and shape of a mattress which aligns with their own will.

Apart from our products, we also provide our customers with informative session while they visit our store, to ensure that our customers are aware of our products and their adequate usage. Our buyers, should have keen knowledge not only regarding the products and their ranges, but also regarding the suitable usage and possible techniques which ensure the durability of our manufactured products.

What makes us different?

Apart from the above mentioned characteristics, we at Euro mattress also benefit our customers with the wide availability of sizes for mattresses. For example;

  • A Euro grand luxury memory foam is available in sizes, 78 x72, 78 x 66, 78 x 60 and 78 x 42
  • A Euro Comfort Pocket spring is also available at a size of 78 x 39 apart from the above mentioned ones

Along with these sizes, Euro mattress enables their customer to choose the size and shape of a mattress which aligns with their own will. You can either choose a round mattress or a square one, depends directly on your need and we will be here to furnish your requirements.
The available designs for our varying mattresses include a Curved Pocket Spring Mattress, a Round 360 bonnell Spring Mattress and also a Round 360 Pocket Spring Mattress, the rest can be projected on your demands.


By now, you might have understood the ways through which we operate and the open ended preference we give to our clients. Since we stepped in to the industry, we believed to provide those products which are either not vastly available or are accessible at expensive rates. Our durability and flexibility of products is widely reflected by our sales annually even throughout such crucial times during the pandemic.
We have always believed in providing the best product which becomes the right choice of our customer. It is often said that, a bed with the correct support, comfort and space will ensure you wake less, move about less, and are less disturbed by your partner and less likely to wake up feeling tired, according to the Sleep Council. We hope you visit Euro- Mattresses store, the next time you think of changing your mattress or pillow!