How Sleep is Influenced by the Seasonal Change


For the past few days, you haven’t felt like yourself? Is your sleeping pattern becoming erratic? Do you have trouble falling asleep or waking up in the middle of the night? It could, as far as experts understand, be due to the shifting weather or due to an uncomfortable mattress.

Climate and mattress

Even though many aspects of restful rest are within our command, the climate is often overlooked. Climate, air pressure, humidity, and rainfall all have an effect on humans. Just like every other physiological role, our sleep is influenced by our surroundings along with seasonal fluctuations and most importantly our choice of a suitable mattress!

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Because of the hot and humid environmental atmosphere, several individuals may find it much harder to sleep as the temperatures climb. Being too hot can hinder the body from entering “deep sleep” state and stop you from absorbing the benefits substances produced during this period of slumber. Also, due to changing weather, people may find it hard to sleep if your mattress or pillow is uncomfortable.

Therefore, it is very important to consider the condition of your mattress. We, at Euro mattress, make sure that we don’t compromise with our customer’s well-being and you’ll be able to guess that ahead too.

Sleep and Solutions

You might attempt the following solutions to the problems that are often caused due to changing weather.

  1. Avoid going to bed on an empty stomach. The skin temperature will rise as a result of metabolism.
  2. Purchase a central air conditioner. To achieve a milder climate, utilize ceiling fans and open the windows if desired.
  3. Linen and pajamas made of natural lightest fibers. These will help to improve air flow.
  4. Ensure, that your mattress is comprised of materials which adapts with changing environment.

Considering the above factors, one of the major factor which you can easily ensure it purchasing from Euro mattress. As our products are durable throughout the seasons it adapts with your body and provides you with a cozy surface to relax.

Tactics to manage sleep

There is quite a great opportunity to learn about rest science and what your eyes and minds do when we’re sleeping. However, you do not need to be fully equipped for each season.

The external Elements..

Begin by examining the external elements that may be impacting your sleep, as well as your sleeping habits. If you live in a colder area, for instance, a low-setting humidifier will add moisture to the skin, keeping your nostrils clean and making you less vulnerable to infections.

Other Elements!

There are indeed a lot of other elements that you can control that can affect your nap:

  1. Maintain a dark and chilly environment in your bedroom.
  2. Ensure your room maintains a relaxing environment (this may mean removing smartphones, tablets, televisions and other electronics from your room)
  3. Sustain the body’s natural body clock by sticking to a consistent sleep-wake cycle.
  4. Expect to snore – either you or your companion. Euro mattress is built in with the latest technology that ensures a comfortable sleep for not just you. But also provides a suitable and cheap solution to snoring.
  5. Make sure that your pillow is in good condition- Euro pillows are enriched with covers which ensure that your pillow and mattress is dust free. All you have to do is, purchase the mattress cover with your mattress from our store.
  6. Ensure that your mattress is clean- by using Euro mattress cover.

Seasonal fluctuations and sleeping patterns

Human sleeping habits are in sync with the day-night cycle. To help you refill the metabolism, doctors and researchers suggest that you find a consistent and predictable sleeping routine. When the seasons change, this should change as well. We must be conscious that seasonal variations have a significant impact on our sleep schedule, metabolism, and self – reported sleep satisfaction. For example, studies reveal that melatonin, the sleep hormone, is released earlier in the summer than in the wintertime, suggesting that you might want to go to bed at a reasonable hour as well as get up as soon as the sun rises.

For example, studies reveal that melatonin, the sleep hormone, is released earlier in the summer than in the wintertime, suggesting that you might want to go to bed at a reasonable hour as well as get up as soon as the sun rises.

Light exposure & Weather

This is due to the fact that greaterThis is due to the fact that greater light exposure, causes our bodies to tire earlier than they would in the winter. This modifies the body’s natural reaction and influences our own biological body clock. It ensures you wake up at what might have been a critical time of day when you were growing.

The absence of sunshine depletes vitamin D levels as you approach the winter months. As the evenings become cooler as well as darker. Since this element is essential for balancing the snooze cycle and melatonin concentrations, a deficiency can induce extreme fatigue. However, it is not all terrible news.

We got you!

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